Food Wars: The Fifth Plate Season Start

Will the anime end differently than the manga?


After having finished the Food Wars manga several years ago I had my own opinions regarding the ending. In a few words I was disappointed with the ending. So far the new season seems like there is a potential that they may go in another direction, but after watching the second episode that possibility is seeming less likely. So far the set-up for the season is looking good although there are alterations to some of the manga story.

We get reintroduced to our Food Wars cast at the beach. Soma and the new elite ten are presented with an almost impossible task of raising three million yen from their food sales. The problem for the elite ten is they need to also renovate the restaurant they were given. Of course the elite ten manage to overcome their deficit and pass the beach test. But it’s not all about food and money. There are also some hints at romance too.

Erina finds herself alone and approached by Soma at the beach hotel. They share their memories of how they got to where they are and how their personalities also clash. In all both seem to enjoy the time they spend with one another. While they don’t push the boundaries of their friendship, more is going on than just simple friendship between Soma and Erina. But the good times are not meant to last.

A new professor to the academy declares that he will make Erina his bride. This triggers an event where the new professor and Soma have a cook-off to see who is more worthy of Erina’s hand. Erina happens to be in the area when she catches Soma and the new  professor  trying to win her hand in marriage. The stage is set for conflict and Soma will once again need to overcome challenges in his way to have a chance with Erina.

So far I am enjoying the new season of the fifth plate. I wonder mostly if any of the ending for the anime will be more satisfying? Or will they continue the anime in the same vein as the manga? The idea of retelling a story over different mediums is one advantage that anime/manga/lightnovels of Japan have over other forms of art. If the manga ending isn’t a hit, the ending can be changed for the anime. If the anime ending isn’t a hit we can change the manga ending to be better. The same applies for light novels and anime as well.

So here’s hoping for a different outcome! If it ends up being the same that will be fine, since I still enjoy food wars for its over-the-top gourmet adventure.


Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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