Tower of God Episode 4 – The Green April Thoughts

It’s not a problem that this episode wasn’t as hype as the last one.


This episode didn’t really develop characters in the same way as episode 3 did with Rak and Khun. But there were still important moments, character development and plot progression. This show will be focused on many characters, and some of my favorite shows have a colorful cast of characters. In some ways it feels somewhat HunterxHunter-esque in that we are going to have a large cast of great characters, and also in the fact that everyone is constantly being tested and proven. Not everyone is a combat ace, which is fine by me, and people have their own motivations and reasons for being.

I have to also question the assumption that the tower can grant all wishes if one reaches the top of the tower. If one can reach the top of the tower how will those wishes be granted? Will it grant wishes in a terrible way? There are too many unknowns, but the chase to the top of the tower seems like a fantasy at best. It’s too convenient that there is some kind of mystic force that can grant the desire of the contestant who reaches the top. It would seem to me if the challenge is to just reach the top, why do we have rankers? Why is there a system and a hierarchy that administers who can get to the top? There is clearly more at stake than just chasing a wish. And that leaves us with Bam’s wish.

Bam wishes to be with Rachel, or at the very least to follow after her. Rachel is what Khun describes as Bam’s rule. Meaning that Bam will do whatever it takes to get to Rachel, this gives him a sense of purpose. This gives him meaning besides whatever chase might be involved to reach the top of the tower. For Bam reaching the top of the tower isn’t the most important thing, it’s finding the girl who left him behind.

This is important to consider as potentially we might have met Rachel already. If the hooded girl in the other waiting room is Rachel then what potential impact will it have on Bam and the rest of the story? I had assumed that Rachel would remain a mystery girl longer. And she may remain a mystery. But if we meet Rachel this early I wonder how the story will change and progress, more importantly how Bam will respond.

I am still fairly excited to see how Tower of God progresses, even though this last episode didn’t live up to my own hype expectations. Taking time to establish characters, motivations, backgrounds is important for story development. Especially in a series that promises to be fairly long you have to take your time.


Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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