Are you watching Isekai Quartet? Good I am too!

Assemble fellow lovers of Isekai!


Isekai Quartet is a fun show this season, and I hope you are  also watching. You should be! I mean that’s the reason you are here right? I have been enjoying the new season of Isekai Quartet more than I should. I know it’s just fan service but I love it. The interplay of humor between the characters keeps me roaring with laughter the whole time. The best part is that the characters stay true to their personality within their own respective shows. They don’t cheat or change because they are suddenly part of fan service.

While you could complain that they don’t have every Isekai or are missing your favorite Isekai, that is fair. I would love to see other things included such as SAO and others but it’s already incredible that the show managed to bring on Re:Zero, Overlord, Konosuba, and Saga of Tanya the Evil. They even managed to squeeze in The Rising of the Shield Hero (fun aside I had a friend recently buy the entire light novel collection of The Shield Hero). I mean at this point what more could you really want or ask for? These are some of the biggest Isekai titles of the past few years. And it’s rare to get so much collaboration.

While there is no real plot, anything driving the series, or any explanation for why all these characters exist together there really is no need to explain it. The series appeal is to people who have already watched one or more of the Isekai (I have seen three, I haven’t watched Saga of Tanya the Evil). And it’s also a comedy. You’re meant to laugh as the characters interact with each other. The comedic effect is enhanced since all the characters are chibi. The comedy keeps coming as the characters make inside jokes about their own shows. The characters also make new jokes as they interact with the other students in the class who are from other Isekai.

Isekai Quartet makes for a light-hearted addition this season. I have enjoyed watching the escapades of Kazuma, the random moments with the Shield Hero, and most recently the Valentine’s day episode. While I do wonder if it will ever be more than comedic fan service with a Konosuba flair, I don’t mind that it’s exactly that. If you haven’t decided whether or not to start it yet, I give it my full recommendation.


Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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  1. It’s really nice to have a show that’s quick to watch. Makes for a nice weekly pick-me-up.
    You should definitely give Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya…) a shot eventually! It’s my personal favorite of the quartet. With only 12 episodes, the quality is pretty consistent too.

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