Do you Skip or Watch Filler?

When busy do you watch filler or find something new?

When it comes to anime there are more shows than I can count that I love or find interesting enough to watch to completion. Often there are fun episodes like the beach episode, or the bath house episode. While filler, everyone (I mean me) wants to see their husbando or waifu wearing next to nothing. Guilty as charged I have found myself enjoying those episodes entirely too much, and if you are a moralist for entirely the wrong reasons. And then there is the filler, whether an episode or entire story arc, that can be fairly make or break. There are friends I know who will watch the filler because they are completionists. There are friends I know who will take a break from the anime until it gets good again. Filler can extend past an episode into an entire story arc and by logical extension a time commitment. It’s important to know if you are going to watch the filler because it’s a time commitment, or if you are going to skip the filler because you don’t have enough interest to keep watching because filler in its nature is fluff.

To determine if you are going to watch the filler or not it all boils down to overall interest in a series. But filler can be a gamble since if it drags out too long, you might permanently lose a reader or a viewer. There will always be a loyal crowd who will watch the filler no matter how long a series makes them wait. I have found myself in that crowd. I can be fiercely loyal to an anime, even if I have no logical reason to back up that devotion. There is filler that sometimes makes me lose interest in an entire series, and no matter how good something later becomes I will either skip it entirely or wait until years later to finish something that I enjoyed at some point. Either way it would be nice if filler didn’t exist, but because it does I have to make a decision on what I am going to do.

It’s easy enough to watch filler when you have the time, but when life gets busy you really have to crack down on what is worth watching. I find myself wondering if I should take the gamble on something new, and it’s normally what I decide to do. The reason I find myself choosing different content over filler is the chance that I might find something that is gold. Of course there are times I lose that bet and the new anime isn’t worth watching at all. When I find something new that I enjoy it’s easy to pick up an entire new series and forget the old one that abandoned you with filler content. Perhaps it’s a symptom of today’s world when there is so much content to choose from, that it’s easier to simply move on. Gone are the days of old when I only had a few options. If you get bored by an anime, just find a new one.

Of course I did mention there are times when I am fiercely loyal to an anime for no logical reason. Call it stupidity or just fan-boying out, but when I feel that something is good or can be good I will keep with it. Even if the filler content hurts me in the meantime I have a blind faith that tells me that it will get good again (I have lost sometimes there too). Faith requires a trust that something good will happen even in the worst conditions.

Perhaps that most important question I ask myself when to watch filler or not is do I trust the author/creator to deliver? If I don’t trust the author or content creator I move on. If I feel like I can trust the writing to deliver I will keep the faith and watch on. Gain my confidence and I will always give you the benefit of the doubt. Lose my confidence, then I am off to greener pastures. I don’t need to be patient when there is more than enough solid content for me to find and discover for a lifetime. My watch list is always bigger than my time to watch.

Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

Is there anything you would like me to cover? Do you want to know my thoughts on anything? Have something I should know? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, comment below!

4 thoughts on “Do you Skip or Watch Filler?

  1. I think the hardest thing with that is that you probably won’t know it’s filler until after you’ve seen it or if someone else tells you about it, but then you’re relying on someone else’s opinion.

    There are lots of episodes which could be considered filler because they do little to advance the plot or develop the characters, but sometimes just spending time in that world makes it worth watching them.

    I find I can get frustrated with lots of filler and there were episodes/arcs of One Piece that annoyed me to no end, but I would have watched them anyhow. I’d be too worried about missing something that may one day become important… I’m also a completionist and struggle to drop shows…

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    1. Often I find myself in the middle of filler before realizing it. And I agree with you on watching filler for spending time in that world. If I really like a world I almost don’t care how much filler I watch.

      But there is also a part of me that can also get annoyed pretty quickly if things are not progessing. If a world isnt compelling enough I just drop it.

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