Anime Throwback GATE – Rory Mercury: More than Gothic Lolita Fashion

Who is Rory Mercury?

Rory Mercury

In GATE we are introduced to a fantasy world army (medieval army) that attacks modern Tokyo. As would happen the fantasy world army is easily defeated by the JSDF, Japanese Self Defense Force. The JSDF has the technological and tactical advantage in the battle. The fantasy army traveled to Tokyo by means of a magical gate, but its a two way door meaning that the JSDF can also enter the fantasy world. Entering the fantasy world is easy for the JSDF. They set up an operating base in the fantasy world, winning battles against the armies of the fantasy nations. The idea of a fantasy world and modern world colliding are realized in GATE.

In the discovery of the new world on the other side of the gate our hero, Itami, who you guessed it is an otaku with military special forces skills. In this new world Itami seems destined to meet with Rory Mercury, apostle of the god Emroy (God of Darkness, War, Death, Violence, and Insanity). She is a halberd wielding demigoddess who dresses in the gothic lolita style casually described in the show as the formal apparel that the apostles wear. Rory specializes in war and is practically invincible. Rory Mercury decides that she is interested in Itami, and begins to tag-along with him in his recon squad. Who wouldn’t want to ride with Itami in a Humvee in a fantasy world?

Rory proves to be in invaluable ally to Itami and the JSDF not only for her combat skills but also her status as an apostle of Emroy helps Itami to establish formal social connections in the fantasy world. Her role in connecting the real world and the fantasy world cannot be overstated. We first note her battle prowess in Itami’s skirmish with the fire dragon. With Rory’s assistance, IItami and his recon squad manage to drive off the fire dragon and save the civilians under their care. Rory also is pivotal in defending Italica against the rampaging army of deserters. She even has her day in the Diet, the Japanese legislative body. There she praises the accomplishments of Itami and his recon squad in the face of mortal danger.

She is a driving force in discovering more about the nature of the magic gate that brings Itami and the JSDF to her world. One day the gate that connects this fantasy world and the modern world will close. The implications for the gate closing are an interesting one as the modern world is interested in exploiting the fantasy world for its natural resources. It means that any long term hopes of the modern world to take advantage of the resources in the fantasy world would fail.

Rory Mercury serves as an advocate for the chaos that the JSDF brings to her world. While the JSDF is convinced that their mission brings peace, it only causes more chaos and destruction to the natural order of the fantasy world. Rory enabling the JSDF only aids in her mission to bring darkness, war, death and violence in her world. The idea of a modern army attacking a fantasy world unable to defend itself is insanity itself. This is all part of the apostleship she has been entrusted with by Emroy. While the JSDF might view themselves as the heroes or good guys bringing modernity to this fantasy world, they destroy the precepts on which it was built. The JSDF fundamentally alter the nature of the fantasy world. Why is Rory drawn to Itami? He serves as a capable tool to bring chaos in her world. Rory Mercury is chaos, the perfect apostle for Emroy.


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