My Hero Academia – Double Take for the Comeuppance of Kai Chisaki

Should we pity Kai Chisaki? No.


That is the short answer. Without a doubt in my mind Kai Chisaki was a despicable character with only his own goals and visions of grandeur in his mind. He was so close to achieving his goals and bringing the Yakuza back to the forefront of underground society. That cost would have been borne by Eri as she would have been livestock for the rest of her days and shut out from the world. Chisaki would never let the most critical piece of the supply chain go. Luckily the heroes are able to stop Kai Chisaki in time. His plan to make bullets that eliminated quirks and revitalize the Yakuza would never see the light of day.

A big congratulations is in order for the heroes as the villain is brought to justice and Eri is ultimately saved. Kai Chisaki is being taken away from the crime scene, but the League of Villains is waiting for him. The League of Villains intercept him during his transportation to his next destination. After the successful attack by the League of Villains, they neutralize the escorting police and hero force. Without wasting time Kai Chisaki is forced to face Tomura Shigaraki. Shigaraki compares the capture of Chisaki as part of the game of Shogi that was going on between the two of them. Shigaraki has taken the king piece.

With Chisaki helpless before Shigaraki, Shigaraki takes payback into his own hands. Shigaraki uses his quirk to disintegrate Chisaki’s arm. Realizing that he is going to die Chisaki has a look of panic on his face, but there is a penalty worse than death for Chisaki. Shigaraki cuts off Chisaki’s arm as a “mercy” for him so he won’t die from Shigaraki’s quirk of decay. But the real idea behind cutting off Chisaki’s arm is so that he will be quirkless. Chisaki’s biggest fear of being quirkless is now realized. Also Shigaraki removes the remaining few quirk eliminating bullets from Kai Chisaki. Any hope of Chisaki controlling the fate of the  quirk eliminating bullets is gone and worse is being handed over to his enemy, the League of Villains.

A smug Shigaraki declares the punishment for Kai Chisaki and the reasons behind it. First he is to be quirkless, because that is the source of Chisaki’s pride. Second, Chisaki’s dream of revitalizing the Yakuza is to be completely smashed. Third, Chisaki can agaonize that all of his hopes, dreams and aspirations he spent his whole being to create are now firmly in Shigaraki’s possession. Chisaki has been served his full comeuppance. It seems that a poetic sense of justice has been served.  Chisaki is left broken and ruined.

To repeat the question: should we pity Kai Chisaki? No. But wishing Chisaki to be broken and ruined isn’t justice either. What Shigaraki has done goes completely beyond what morality requires. Of course Shigaraki the villain doesn’t care about justice, he is more interested in his personal revenge and winning his so-called game of Shogi. The comeuppance of Chisaki goes too far. It is a savage and brutal punishment from one villain to the other. Chisaki isn’t innocent and is deserving of punishment, but this comeuppance is the fate that awaits anyone who opposes Shigaraki.

The comeuppance of Chisaki isn’t guided by justice at all. The comeuppance of Kai Chisaki is a show of power and force from Shigaraki to the rest of the world. Shigaraki is truly a terrifying villain in case there was any doubt.


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