Haikyu!! To the Top – Hinata’s Determination borders Madness

Hinata Sneaks into the Special Training Camp without being invited!


Karasuno High School has already done the impossible. They won the finals and are going to nationals. This is no small feat as it is against the famous Shiratorizawa Academy renowned for having being the best team in their region. The crows have made their dream of going to nationals a reality. While the team finds themselves preparing for their national debut, Takeda (faculty advisor to the Karasuno Volleyball Team) announces that Kageyama has been invited to the All-Japan Youth Training Camp. It’s a prestigious camp that only the best of the best youth volleyball players can attend. The news is stunning and unexpected, even for a player of Kageyama’s caliber. Hinata, our protagonist, doesn’t take the news well. To make matters worse for Hinata there is a seperate Mock Youth Training Camp for first years that he isn’t invited to either. Instead the honors go to Tsukishima, Karasuno’s blocker. In the face of great news for others, but not himself, Hinata has plans of his own.

Hinata’s strong will and his determination know no bounds. From the very start Hinata wanted to be the ace of the volleyball team despite his small stature. He is at a severe disadvantage when it comes to the height and power generally required of the ace position. To stack the deck against Hinata he also has poor volleyball fundamentals to start. Hinata is able to earn a starting position on Karasuno despite the deck being stacked against him due to his extraordinary stamina, natural reflexes, and jump ability. Still the path for Hinata to grow is difficult and not easy. At every turn he is underestimated and told that he will never be able to become the ace. Losing the genetic lottery doesn’t stop Hinata from trying to become the best he can.

While Hinata thankfully doesn’t try to infiltrate the All-Japan Youth Training Camp, due to him overhearing he would be arrested for going there, he does make another rash and poorly thought out decision. In an attempt to not be outdone by his peers, Hinata sneaks into the Mock Youth Training Camp available to only first years. Specifically first years who had been invited to attend such as his team mate Tsukishima. It’s an embarrassing moment for Tsukishima, who like the audience asks what Hinata is doing there. Hinata’s answer is poor as he says he would have been arrested if he had tried to go to the All-Japan Youth Training Camp. Clearly the boy hasn’t really thought of the consequences, or the fact that he shouldn’t be at the Mock Youth Training Camp.

Takeda is correct in admonishing Hinata for his thoughtlessness and tells Hinata to leave the Mock Youth Training Camp. An unexpected hero comes to Hinata’s rescue, the Coach of Shiratorizawa Academy Washijo Sensei. In a half mocking tone Washijo Sensei says there is no problem with Hinata attending the Mock Youth Training Camp as a ball boy. While averting being sent home Hinata is told by Washijo Sensei that there is nothing special about him. Hinata accepts the opportunity to be a ball boy and doesn’t let that discourage him.

Hinata’s determination is something to admire even though it causes him to make rash decisions that are not in line with what society expects of Hinata. Hinata continues to break his limits and continues to improve in the face of adversity. Whether he has been invited or not doesn’t matter to Hinata. Hinata is going to become the ace of Karasuno no matter what it takes. Or at least that is Hinata’s hopes. Reality can often be cruel in the face of hopes and dreams. Hinata’s determination is something that anyone can learn from. Learning never to give up despite the world working against you is something anyone can do, if you want something bad enough. Bravo to the young Hinata! I hope he achieves his dream.


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