My Hero Academia – Eri Chooses to be Saved

Eri defies Kai Chisaki!

Making the decision to be saved isn’t an easy decision to make for Eri. Living as the cursed child, as her mother called her, she is forced to help Chisaki (member of the Shie Hassaikai, last known Yakuza group in Japan) in his plan to sell bullets to eliminate quirks. The child had made her father disappear on accident and couldn’t control her abilities. Her abilities had never manifested on the mother’s or father’s side. What she could do was a big unknown that caused fear in others. We learn that Eri’s quirk is a rewind ability that could revert humanity before its mutated (quirks) state. Chisaki was able to control the ability thanks to the help of his quirk. Eri was forced to live in a room and in the lab when Chisaki needed to draw her blood to make the quirk eliminating bullets. Fear of her own abilities and fear of what Chisaki would do to control Eri kept her from dreaming of being saved.

When we first ran into Eri on the street patrol of Midoriya (Hero Name Deku) and Mirio Togata (Hero Name Lemillion) she was trembling in Midoriya’s arms. She was afraid, but when Chisaki appears on the scene he convinces his “daughter” Eri to return to him. While his excuses are weak Midoriya and Togata decide not to pick a fight with Chisaki while on foot patrol because it could have jeopardized Nighteye’s investigation. It’s a hard moment for the two young heroes in training Deku and Lemillion. The decision to let Chisaki go becomes a moment that personally Deku and Lemillion regret, even though it was the best call to make in that position.

Eri is forced to go back to her life in the room and in the lab, essentially Chisaki’s prisoner. She feels the decision is for the best because she knows that Chisaki would murder on Eri’s behalf. She is also afraid of what her ability can do to others, a fact that Chisaki uses to manipulate Eri to stay on his side. What could Eri possibly do without Chisaki, especially if her power goes out of control. Chisaki isn’t interested in developing Eri to better use her ability, he seeks only to control her and to control the business potential of controlling the quirk eliminating bullet. The rise of the Yakuza is the only thing on Chisaki’s mind.

The raid on Shie Hassaikai base of operations quickly becomes an ugly affair for both the Shie Hassaikai and the heroes involved in saving Eri. Knowing that Eri has to be moved and the Yakuza preserved, Chisaki begins a retreat from the facility sacrificing his men to buy himself time to escape. Worst of all comes the moment of Lemillion’s defeat, and Eri still continuing to choose to follow Chisaki down his wicked path. We expect Eri wants to be saved because Chisaki is a villian. But she turns her back on the Heroes for a moment, despite the numerous sacrifices made to save her.

In the darkest moments when failure seemed imminent for Deku and the other heroes, Deku continues to chase down Eri. Deku is alone and wounded with the only quirk that and ability to continue fighting, despite knowing that Eri had chosen Chisaki. Eri has a moment of clarity where she realizes that her decision to stay with Chisaki would only guarantee that others would be hurt. Deku’s tenacity touches her knowing that someone out there wanted to help her and save her. If she continued to refuse to be saved, her actions would continue to cause hurt in the world. She decides that she wants to be saved.

That single decision turns the tide of the battle in favor of the heroes. Eri runs from Chisaki and battles with Deku for her own freedom and salvation. While we have an epic fight scene of Deku and Eri versus Chisaki. But the fight scene is the conclusion of the decision that Eri makes to be saved. Her decision was a brave decision in the face of the unknown. She didn’t know what the future would hold for her or even if Deku could win. If Chisaki had won his wrath on Eri would have been terrible. Eri’s character shows that the most important step in being saved is choosing to let yourself be saved. No matter what decisions Eri had made before in the past, taking the right step forward is an important step in Eri saving herself.


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