Seeking Advice for Webdesign, SEO, Linking, Crediting, Referencing Work help!

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi!

Hello fellow anibloggers and any other knowledgeable individuals regarding WordPress web design, SEO, crediting, linking, and referencing work!

I am an amateur looking to do better work on my blog than what I have currently done to  date. I have very much enjoyed the experience of writing on my blog and will continue to do so. I feel fairly confident in my writing skills and expressing my thoughts and opinions on a given matter. In school I spent years honing that writing craft, learning to incorporate various styles and ideas to improve my writing overall. Somehow I was lucky enough to earn a degree in English. I believe strongly that anything I write must be worthy content and quality content. If what I write is good, bad, ugly, funny, stupid is your decision to make. What I want is to give myself a better chance of presenting that information to the aniblogging community and the world at large. I seek constant improvement.

As part of that improvement I have begun reading various web based articles to better understand what it is that I am doing when I am blogging. If desire to know was enough than I would already know everything I need to know. Life is a learning process and blogging is another thing that I am eager to learn more about everyday. While proud that I was able to get a website up and running ish, I understand that my knowledge isn’t complete or well rounded.

Lets just say that my knowledge is casual, though I have used computers and technology for years. I was hoping that perhaps I could enlist some ideas or perhaps course work of some kind to better present the content I create. My budget is fairly limited.

I need your advice or input on the following subjects, web design within WordPress, SEO, linking/crediting/referencing others works. How do I optimize WordPress web design? How do I give myself the best chance at being found? Ergo wanting to know about SEO. What are the conventions around linking/crediting/referencing others works in the aniblogging community and just good old fashion of giving credit where credit is due? Is there something that I could start reading or learning from on a certain webpage? I would need something at a beginners level so I could best understand it.

My own web searches have left me confused, or simply chasing the white rabbit into something completely unknown. Though making discoveries in the process, it feels quite inefficient. I wanted to turn to my blogging seniors and veterans for help.

Any help or advice would be very helpful and much appreciated. Thank you for your help and concern in advance. I of course would be willing to clarify or explain more of my position in the comments below if you need to know more from me.


6 thoughts on “Seeking Advice for Webdesign, SEO, Linking, Crediting, Referencing Work help!

  1. For SEO, the more content you have the more likely you’ll get indexed for something or another. Over time you should find that your blog picks up more traffic from search engines.

    I know that SEO guides like to mention backlinking and references and all that, but I’m not sure how much of an effect it still has. I’ve never noticed anything from it.

    And finally the best way to go about it is to just try to get into the mind of random people on Google searching things. You might have a creative title you want to use, but it might just be better to use something more straightforward, like those long-ass LN and anime titles we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Pick a topic or certain words that you could see people searching and try to use them in the post title, headers, text, et cetera. Basically you just want to think “I could see someone searching that”.

    Mostly though I think it just takes time, because as much as you can do it’s still up to Google how and when you get indexed on certain posts. Once your blog starts to get indexed on some posts, then you’ll begin to see more traffic on other posts as well. It’s sort of like the entire blog itself levels up with Google as you go.

    As for linking other blogger’s stuff, I think people are pretty much always happy to get a pingback, assuming you aren’t trashing them!

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    1. From what I have been reading lately I do agree with those SEO guidelines you mentioned. I am glad to get first hand knowledge on what works and what doesn’t work. A lot of services want to charge you a fee, and that simply isn’t possible for me at this time.

      I have been guilty of trying to come up with creative titles since I want to write something that might draw someones attention, but from what I have read and what you have mentioned being more straight-forward is the way to go. By the way, my favorite anime long title is SukaSuka, “What do you do at the end? Are you Busy? Will you save us?”

      I have been applying the header to my more recent articles, which is something that I haven’t been doing. I can certainly do more thinking on key word phrases. Its certainly a bit different from the creative processes I used in school.

      Linking others work seems like a good thing as well. I was just curious if there is an etiquette surrounding it. I dislike negativity as a rule, especially when it comes to blogging. It seems that besides the good faith rule, that if I link something I am going to say something positive about it, is about all I have seen when its come to blogging.

      Really appreciate the feedback!

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