Should I watch Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun?

Yes, it’s fantastic and hilarious. If you aren’t laughing in ten minutes feel free to skip this anime.

Short answer is yes, you should! I admit I had seen this one a few times on the web but comedy isn’t strictly my thing when it comes to anime. At the persistence of a friend I eventually caved and began watching the show. And for the first 5 minutes I was thinking to myself this is not my thing, but then things started getting hilarious and fast. A comedy about a young human boy attending a demon school? What could possibly go wrong?

For starters Iruma is a complete pushover and has no real business being in the demon world. But since his parents have sold his soul to a demon he has no choice but to come to the demon world. Instead of being eaten, tortured, or any number of horrible things that could happen to you in the realm of demons, he is asked to be a grandson of the chairman of the demon school. As demons are men of contracts once Iruma signs the document to be a grandson the deed is done. Not that he had a choice, Iruma can’t resist anyone asking for his help or for a favor. Even if that person is a demon.

Given the predicament that Iruma he has to go to demon school. He is told very early on if anyone finds out that he is human, that he will be eaten by the other demons.

While Iruma makes it his goal not to stand out at demon school, you guessed it he does. We get to meet a cast of great characters who befriend and help Iruma along the way. So far my moments involve scenes with Iruma and Ameri, the class president of the demon school. That’s not to understate the funny moments with his friends Asmodeus Alice, nick named Azz-Azz, and Clara, an energetic girl who always wants to play. Iruma quickly becomes famous in the school despite doing everything in his ability to stay invisible.

The show has a comedic and over the top tone that continues to delight with every episode watched. I dare you not to laugh at it. I am going to recommend Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun to you, like a friend recommended it to me.

Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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