Hestia’s Love – Can it be eternal? – Danmachi (Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?)

The end of season 2 left us with some closure between Hestia and Bell. For some time we have had Bell either not understand that Hestia wants something more from him than just distant adoration or he has intentionally ignored her feelings. Both misunderstanding and distance make it practically impossible for there to be any romantic connection between the two. While it has been at times humorous watching their struggles for the most part Hestia is left waiting for Bell while he pursues other women, predominantly Aiz Wallenstein. Bell’s romantic decisions have left much to be desired through out the series, but he has made many friends and allies along the way. That has pushed the story along while he continually has chosen his own path and followed his own feelings, but Bell has never settled on anything romantically related. Bell does take others advice into consideration as the story evolves as both gods and mortals give Bell their advice on relations between gods and mortals. The suggestion they give Bell is to be understanding of the needs of gods and that love can exist between children and the gods.

Bell puts some thought into the matter into a relationship between gods and mortals. The mayor of a village gives Bell the advice that he doesn’t want to live a life of regrets as he has. The mayor had failed to protect his goddess, but she in turn had protected him and let him live a normal life. The mayor at face value makes it seem possible that there can be a love between mortals and gods. The viewer learns an interesting fact at the mayor’s death bed as Hestia claims to know Brigid, the mayor’s former goddess. Hestia even mocks the mayor for his relationship of love between himself and his goddess, even suggesting that Brigid was mostly likely not taking any relationship seriously. Its a fairly disheartening thing to say to a dying man who sincerely believed his goddess loved him, but perhaps Hestia was trying to be kind to him in his final moments. Hestia does however let the mayor die peacefully by showing him a final glimpse of his goddess before his death. The love appears to exist at least in the old mayor’s mind. It does beg the question on how feasible is love between a goddess and her child?

Bell in a moment of thought outside of town is confronted by Hestia and she tries to comfort her own child in light of the recent events. Although Bell may not have known the mayor for long, he is perhaps reminded of his own grandfather’s death who was taken from him without warning. In a rare moment of emotional openness Bell does confess that he does want to be together with his goddess. It is an endearing moment for him and his goddess. However there are serious questions to be asked of Hestia, who knowingly leaves certain questions either open to interpretation or just states things in a way to lessen Bell’s mind burden. Hestia makes it seem reasonable for her and Bell to be just like the mayor and Brigid. While there is a possibility of a lifetime relationship of love,  Hestia will without a doubt survive Bell. Bell isn’t wrong to question the reality of dying a mortal death and there are flaws in the answers that Hestia provides to him. Can gods and their children truly love? Is it realistic to expect the goddess to continue to love Bell even after his death? Will Bell’s death and absence become a burden? Season 2 ends with plenty of unknowns, but a very sweet moment of connection between Hestia and Bell.

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    1. I don’t know. So far she hasn’t ended up with anyone yet to my knowledge. Her name is a clue to her role in the Greek pantheon of gods, Hestia is the goddess of virginity. So if the anime remains true to the name and the origin of the name its possible she might end up with no one. Of course the author may decide to break that rule for the sake of fiction. It’s anyone’s guess really.


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