Insect Hashira Shinobu Kocho – Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon slayer has certainly slowed down in recent episodes. And while they are not the most engaging episodes I certainly do appreciate the small moments and the chances to get to know some of the the Hashiras better. One Hashira in particular has stood out to me is the insect pillar Shinobu Kocho. She more than any of the other Hashiras has taken a keen interest in Tanjiro and Nezuko’s plight. What is more she is also taking the time to further train Tanjiro, hoping that Tanjiro can make her sister’s dream come true. I did have misgivings about her initially, and thought she was a demon slaying fanatic. After learning more about Shinobu Kocho she has an undeniable charm to her and is a sincere individual.

Shinobu Kocho like all demon slayers has a reason to hate demons. Tanjiro detects anger from Shinobu as they share a moment alone in the moonlight. As Shinobu tells her story we discover the reason for her anger. Demons have killed her sister. This of course was a traumatic experience in Shinobu’s life and there are scars of that event to this day in her mind. She can vividly recall the details but what surprised Shinobu most about her sister’s final moments is she bore no grudges or hatred towards demons. Her sister truly believed that demons and humans could become friends. While Shinobu carries the hatred of demons inside her, she also carries on her sister’s wish that humans and demons can be friends.

It is peculiar but Shinobu despite her hatred of demons can see a spark of hope in the conflict and wishes to see peace with demons. Shinobu hopes that Tanjiro and Nezuko can find a path forward, one that has eluded her since her sisters death. Tanjiro has given new meaning to her sister’s dream, as there has never been precedence for a situation like Tanjiro’s. Its already obvious the water Hashira, and former water Hashira are on Tanjiro’s side and believe in him and his sister. Shinobu trusts the master, and for once is allowed to actually dream about a future of peace with Tanjiro and Nezuko in her life.

Shinobu’s dream reveals her vulnerability and the burden she carries. The scene of Shinobu sharing her wish was one of the most connecting moments of the series so far. Realizing her dream might be the solution to curing her anger, I wonder if we will get to see a solution that works. Shinobu’s vulnerability is also how she gains her charm. Its in this moment we realize there is more behind the surface of the insect Hashira. Shinobu is a sincere individual and her sincere wish is more important than the hatred she holds. She is charming because she is a vulnerable and sincere character despite having more than enough strength to slay demons. Shinobu’s charm and sincerity define her more than her hatred does, its been a pleasure to learn more about her character.