Talent Thief Apollo – DanMachi (Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?) Season 2 Episode 1 Review

I was pleasantly surprised to see this show get a second season. Of course I should have read the light novels for it, but at the time I wasn’t as into anime enough to read source material or manga. DanMachi has a lot character to it, even though the delivery at times can be so-so. We get to see some of the old characters for the show and new ones too. I love the interactions of the cast and the relationships that Bell has built. Bell has grown rapidly in the series making both friends and enemies. And its not only the other adventurers who have taken notice, but also gods and goddesses. Apollo is one of the gods who has taken note of Bell, actively setting up both Bell and Hestia to steal his talent for the Apollo Familia.

As a great house, or one with significantly more power than Hestia, Apollo sets up Bell by taking advantage of his vulnerabilities. Clearly Bell will do anything for his goddess even if he is stupid about it. When Bell and his group of outcasts are confronted with the trash talk team that Apollo has sent to clearly pick a fight they do the obvious and fight Apollo’s adventurers. Being fair to Bell he isn’t one to think ahead nor is he a scheming character. Bell is an earnest adventurer who loves his goddess and serves her without hesitation. Apollo takes advantage of Bell’s character.

After the fight Apollo sends an invitation to Hestia and by extension Bell to attend a social event that can’t be ignored. This was a tip off for me that something was off. Doesn’t it seem a bit too contrived after picking a fight with Apollo’s adventurers that Bell would be invited? I mean we have never even seen Apollo’s crew until now. But Bell doesn’t see it, and if Hestia sees it she either ignores it or intentionally takes the bait. Accepting the invitation brings both Hestia and Bell unknowingly into a trap.

The party goes fairly well at first, with the usual pleasantries and plenty of food to go around. We even get our favorite Hestia Loki banter with a dash of Freya, who apparently can steal men away with just a look. And of course the poster child for the Loki Familia Aiz Wallenstein is there. Hestia always has trouble pronouncing her name properly for some reason, it might have something to do with jealously but I am just a casual observer don’t mind me. Even Bell and Aiz get to dance which is a happy moment between the two of them. Of course both are awkward in social occasions, but its to be expected of two young adventurers. Its in the middle of a relatively usual scenario that Apollo strikes.

Apollo, scheming to take Bell away from Hestia, demands that Hestia give him compensation for the injury Bell has caused his Familia. Of course its contrived, but I did get a laugh out of seeing the main provocateur of the fight between Bell and the Apollo crew so badly injured. Apollo demands Hestia give him Bell as compensation, which has isn’t even a fair compensation for someone who is injured against a rising rookie talent talent theft. Hestia of course refuses the offer because Bell isn’t on the table for negotiation. Apollo then challenges Hestia to war game, a situation he is basically guaranteed to win, in front of the crowd. In a closed door setting this conversation might not have even gone anywhere as Hestia has zero reason to give Apollo Bell. Of course Hestia should refuse Apollo and accept social degradation, since her social status isn’t high to begin with. But we all know next episode Hestia will accept the war game offer since its drama and good for story development. If that doesn’t happen I will be surprised.

Well played Apollo the talent thief.

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  1. It was a nice introduction and set up for the first part of this second season and I’m really looking forward to seeing this play out. Having read the light novels I’m super excited to see how they animate some of these stories.


    1. I am excited as well. I am sure I will get to the light novels once I have exhausted my current list. So for now I am just buckled in for the roller coaster and excited to see where the story takes me next.

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