Arise E.N.D – Fairy Tail Episode 308

Someone needs to tell the characters in the show that going for personal grudge matches mid-battle isn’t very effective. Dimaria I am talking to you. Stop playing with your food and actually finish your enemies. Then again she does have a God-complex so I guess she felt untouchable? Even after she had lost once with her powers she should have had the humility to finish what needed to be done. False assumptions and arrogance seems to be her strong suite. She falsely assumes that she is in complete control of the situation, the truth is she isn’t. And she is arrogant enough to think that instead of ensuring a swift death to her enemies, she has time to make them suffer for how they made her feel. In short Dimaria isn’t in a position to really be an effective member of the Spriggan 12.

She can pretend that she is doing all this because she cared about Brandish, but its a shallow act. Its even shallower than Brandish trying to fool Dimaria that she was going to kill Natsu and Lucy. In fact Dimaria is somewhere between avenging her pride for failing the emperor and fear for the fact that Fairy Tail has the power to actually defeat members of the Spriggan 12. She is shocked as Brandish actually betrays Alvarez to side with the enemy. Does she really think that by killing Lucy it will actually amount to anything in the battle or actually make her feel better? Dimaria is foolish enough to waste her time trying to find any amount of fulfillment in killing Lucy. At some point taking a step back from the situation Dimaria should have come to a realization or a better conclusion on how to deal with the problems at hand.

Watching the past few episodes I question the ability of the Spriggan 12 to be effective in battle. They have always overwhelmed their enemies with sheer power. The moment that power is questioned the Spriggan 12 fall quickly apart. Filled with bravado members of the Spriggan 12 have fallen one by one, some multiple times at this point. This episode marks Dimaria’s second defeat at the hands of Fairy Tail and its allies. Personal grudges and attachments seem more important to them than executing their primary duty of defending the emperor. Fear of E.N.D., Acnologia and Fairy Tail, is causing problems for the world’s strongest empire that we know of. The Spriggan 12 have been unreliable up to this point.

Does Zeref truly care if the Spriggan 12 are reliable? At the end of the day the Spriggan 12 are just more pawns for the game he is playing. Zeref’s problem is that he himself is so indecisive that the Spriggan 12 at multiple points cannot deliver on his will. If anyone is to blame for the Spriggan 12’s failures the fault  truly lies with Zeref.

Natsu finally awakens as E.N.D. Now what? Looks like Gray and him will get to fight at full strength and settle who is the stronger between the two. E.N.D’s awakening is a big deal for both Alvarez and Fairy Tail.