Can We take this Battle Seriously? – Fairy Tail Episode 306: The Winter Wizard

I got the feeling that we were all just having fun this episode, until the moment that Invel shows up. After that I guess we need to take the episode more seriously. We do get that pump up moment when Gildarts leads the Fairy Tail gang into battle. Nothing wrong with that. Gildarts only shows up when everyone is really in trouble. He is the distant man who only shows up when he is needed most. Guess the rest of the battle was just a warm up. You could theorize as well that Irene’s spell just made it impossible for him to continue to distance himself from the rest of Fairy Tail. Yea I know we need to save Mavis, she even says so herself. Turns out the only one who can save us is Gray, stay away Gray fan girls she is Juvia’s man.

While the rest of Fairy Tail’s B, C, and D squads plus Guildarts and Grandpa take on Zeref’s main forces, we have Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Juvia decide they are going to take a detour right to Invel. Invel is by far one the most calculating member of the Spriggan 12. He doesn’t let even Zeref take unnecessary risks. He firmly takes Mavis into his control while Zeref can’t decide if he wants to be a good guy or a bad guy, which for Zeref is a good thing.

Invel stops up the fairy tail gang and freezes all of them, except Gray because he is already an ice demon. Yea Gray struggles against Invel with his ordinary ice-make magic which is inferior to Invel’s freeze any object magic, I know we are really splitting hairs at this point. And while Invel is battling Gray and realizes he has the ice demon powers of his father he decides now is a good time to recruit Gray to dark magic. Why not Gray? You are already basically evil. I can say probably that Invel needs to crush his opponents instead of trying to recruit them, but hey I can’t fault him for trying. Oh Gray you are just so on the fence, be bad please! Guess we can say Gray is cool, everyone wants him on their team.

BUT… Natsu melts Invel’s ice and gets everyone out of the ice who was frozen and bam the gang is ready to take on Invel as a squad. Or they would but then Brandish picks up the team and decides that she is taking Natsu and Lucy, unfinished business as it were. And that leaves just Gray and Juvia. I know the first thing I was thinking too was making Juvia and Gray fight to the death to turn Gray to the dark side. Turns out Invel was a bit too hasty in recruiting Gray. Juvia will never hurt Gray, but guess we will find out next episode.