I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level Review

This isn’t the best anime ever made, but it’s a fun ride. 

The world for this anime is set in another world. After being worked to death by her former employer, Azusa Aizawa is reborn as an immortal witch. She is commonly known as the Witch of the Highlands. After being granted immortality and never aging, Azusa lives a peaceful life where she does only the bare minimum for survival and kills 25 slimes a day. What she doesn’t realize is that after doing this for 300 years, she might have become the strongest being in her world. 

Word of her being the strongest in the world quickly gets out as now she is a magnet for those who would challenge her for being the strongest. Her peaceful life is interrupted as she begins to take a slightly more active role in the world around her. 

While she is confronted by danger, most of it turns out to be humorous because she is so powerful that nothing can realistically challenge her. Azusa continues to live her life much of the way that she has done for the last 300 years. She is relaxed and encourages those around her to relax and take life easier. 

While she is being challenged by those who seek to rival her power, she is also sought after as a haven of refuge from other powerful beings. This brings her former peaceful life into a larger sphere of influence with the world she lives in. She begins to bring together an odd assortment of beings into her home. Dragons, demons, spirits, ghosts and elves all end up spending time together in her home. 

Azusa accepts them to live with her under the condition that they contribute to the housework, and as long as they do the work there seems to be no problem with her bringing more people on board. 

So what is the point of I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level? 

The big picture of the anime seems to emphasize that there is a life outside of work and that there isn’t a reason to work yourself to death. Culturally Japan is generally a country that works long days and hours. While it is good to throw yourself into work, it’s not ok to stress out over the work that at the end of the day truly isn’t your business. When you work for a company you take on their work for your time. Nothing is more valuable than your own time. 

Azusa loses sight of this and in the end works herself to death. While Azusa is an extreme example overworking, most people don’t actually die on their job from overworking. They just quit. The real question is can you quit before you lose your mind and ruin the rest of your life. 

While work is important, it isn’t everything. There are plenty of jobs where you can work without giving your all. Many companies will take advantage of their workers as long as they continue to come in. In this situation Azusa tries her best to make things work out, while ignoring all the negative side effects. 

In the end when she is confronted by the goddess she realizes she wasted her time and gave her life for something stupid. In her next life Azusa vows to do it right. And so far she is doing a great job. The real point of the show seems to be to treasure your own life, and not to give everything to a company that doesn’t appreciate you or care for your well-being. If you can’t stand the stress anymore, it’s ok to quit and move on. 

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