Should I watch Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 2?

Absolutely, especially if you loved the first season. 

The second season has lost none of its charm, it’s still a goofy show that doesn’t mind being very dorky and delivering on laughs. A lot of the gags are reliant on it’s set up, flipping expectations and what you expect to happen. And in a world of demons who seemingly only want to harm and devour humans, everything is a threat to Iruma-kun. If the demons discover his true identity, conflict within the demon world is bound to occur.

It’s not for you if: you expect this show to be serious. It’s not. 

For now Iruma-kun, with the help of his demon Grandfather, has been able to keep the fact that he is a human secret. Some demons harbor suspicions, but with his Grandfather being in a position of power none dare to confront what is becoming more obvious with time. 

But in the meantime the ruse is holding, Iruma has been able to pass for a demon attending a demon school which seems to be the equivalent of high school education for demons. Babyls, the name of the demon school, appears to be more akin to Hogwarts than to an actual high school education. The demons learn many different subjects but some of them seem to be reliant more on magical power, rather than language knowledge and arithmetic. 

A solution has already been found for Iruma to solve his problem of having no magic. In the first season he finds a ring that grants him magic power. This helps him disguise further the fact that he is human. It would be a dead give away if he couldn’t produce magic on any scale. Even the least powerful demons have some form of magic. 

I love the interactions with Ameri this season. 

Iruma has been pulled away from his friends and conscripted into the student council. The student council president Ameri Azazel, who is the strongest demon in the school, takes him away from his friends Alice and Clara. It’s not an exaggeration that Iruma is being pulled into the council against his will. As a reminder Iruma’s greatest weakness is that he can’t say no to anyone’s requests. So when Ameri is insistent Iruma has no choice but to start living at school and working in the student council. 

Ameri of course is very hard on her student council, demanding they work hard and keep up with a large workload. 

And the fun of this season begins when the unexpected happens with Ameri. When she starts acting in ways that you don’t expect it makes for a lot of laughs. So far the second season has been keeping in line with it’s first season. There doesn’t seem to be any loss in terms of fun that is to be had from the first season. 

Zany things are going to keep happening to Iruma-kun, who by nature is forced to go with the flow of things. What I wonder is if things are going to change for Iruma at any point. Such as if Iruma decides not to go with the flow of things. I also wonder if at any point the other demons are going to discover his true identity. With Iruma being human in this world of demons, it always keeps things interesting. There is never a dull moment in this world. 

If you haven’t had the chance to watch it I strongly recommend it. Especially if you are looking for non-stop fun and comedy. This show delivers on both being light-hearted and flipping your expectations over and over again. 

Do you agree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun