Welcome Back Log Horizon!

Season 3, picking up right where we left off. 

And because of that I realize I will need to go back and watch the first two seasons again. It’s been years since I last watched Log Horizon, and I am glad we get continuation in an already interesting story. I love that in Log Horizon there are no readily available answers. Each day is uncovering the mysteries and truth of the situation they find themselves in. While most people who are trapped in the game just play the game like it was normal, our protagonist Shiroe takes us on a journey to test theories. Shiroe isn’t content to do nothing about his current situation. 

Contrasted with Sword Art Online where the players are given a directive on how to return to the real world, there is no such directive or instruction given to the players of Elder Tale. 

So how does Shiroe unravel the secrets of the world? He tests what is possible. He gathers information about abnormalities from other players. But it’s still a game and he has to play as any other player does. He has to quest, he goes to dungeons, but he does all of that with a purpose. He makes friends and enemies along the way. The game world still feels very much like a game. So it’s easy to follow along, especially if you have ever played any MMO type game. 

There is something really for everyone in Log Horizon, whether you are the inquisitive, action, or just want in on the fun type. It has an overall lighter mood than some of its other Isekai counterparts. It doesn’t forget to have fun along the way. So you can strap in for whatever ride you are looking for. 

I can strongly recommend the series for anyone wanting to watch it.

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