The Deal is Off Echidna – Re:Zero

Subaru is finally starting to get answers but none that are looking good for him. 

I was always curious what Echidna was after. It was clear that her conversations with Subaru in the previous two tea parties always had an end. She was winning Subaru over with her apparent charm and wits. She was offering information freely to Subaru. All he had to do was drink her tea. His interest was certainly piqued in Echidna. At one point Subaru tells Satella point blank that he would rather be with Echidna than with her. He even becomes an apostle of greed. Her fascination for Subaru was clear because of his return from death ability. Of course it’s an ability she would want. The contract terms are clear, Subaru would make a contract with Echidna and in return she would use her knowledge to help him overcome his current challenges. 

Subaru foolishly goes to accept the terms of her arrangement in typical thoughtless Subaru fashion. Why would he question her? Echidna so far has been helpful. 

Thankfully Subaru is stopped by the other witches who make him question what the downsides of the deal could be. After Subaru stops to think about it he wants to know two things. First why does Echidna want to make a deal with him in the first place? And the second question is in regards to Beatrice. 

Echidna spells out her desire for making a deal with Subaru plain. She wants to know everything, experience his return by death, in essence it is her greed for anything and everything. In a spectacular visual Echidna is at first seen as elegant, as if her own wishes had already been fulfilled. That visual then turns dark as Subaru begins to understand Echidna’s true nature and past the facade we have seen up until this point in  Episode  37. Rightly he calls her out on her warped nature; that call out wouldn’t faze a witch she knows it’s true. She isn’t bothered by his Subaru’s accusations in the least. There is no need to hide her nature from him anymore. 

Echidna has him right where she wants him. Subaru believes he needs her help. Sure the deal with the witch is bad news, but is it worse than what he is currently facing? Knowing her nature doesn’t change Subaru’s interest in it. 

The real deal breaker comes when Subaru digs into information about Beatrice. After Subaru gets answers from Echidna about the nature of Beatrice’s deal, he realizes that a deal with Echidna is actually vile and wouldn’t benefit him at all. Of course Echidna contradicts Subaru’s interpretation of her deal with Beatrice saying that she is the one who trapped herself, and it had nothing to do with  herself after the initial contract point. But at this point Subaru understands the intent of the deal with Echidna, she would realistically leave him high and dry after getting what she wants. 

Rightfully Subaru is indignant at Echidna. The deal is off Echidna.

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