God of High School – Finding a Good Rhythm

My relationship with God of High School is complicated, but it’s going in a good direction.


I have watched 9 episodes so far in God of High School. I am still not sure where I stand with the anime. What I am sure of is the fighting and the fighting animation is definitely top notch. Also pacing for the anime has improved. While God of High School hasn’t  captured my imagination in any meaningful way, it certainly has me glued to the high adrenaline rush that God of High School is. I haven’t felt very emotionally connected to the anime, the emotions for the show seem vanilla. Despite the lack of connection emotionally and imaginatively, I still enjoy the anime. It’s also why I am still not certain how I feel about the anime.

It does deliver on the premise to fight, which other shows have done a lot with that one and only premise. In that regard I feel like the anime can be  true to itself because there wouldn’t be a reason for God of High School to divert from that premise.

That being said the only loose emotional attachment we have with our protagonist Jin Mori is that he is determined to find his grandfather. In order to do that he has to become stronger. It’s about as basic of a drive as they come, but it serves functionally for driving the plot forward. We also get a sense of friendship between Jin Mori, Han Daewi, and Yu Mira. I can get on board with it because they are on the same team. Neither Han Dawei or Yu Mira are the type who have anything else in mind besides fighting anyhow. While of the three Yu Mira seems the most complex of the characters, she is still a fairly simple character. All three seem fairly vanilla in terms of how characters go.

With the core group established, we are starting to get other characters into the mix who could be interesting from the God of High School tournament and beyond. I am of  course for now ignoring the brewing fight between the commissioners and the cult. That could be the thing that actually pushes God of High School to the next level. I am not expecting to get emotionally attached to anyone or anything in God of High School. Introducing other elements can make God of High School more interesting, but they will have to take center stage at some point and draw Jin Mori into the bigger picture.

It’s all vanilla for now. Vanilla isn’t a bad flavor, but I am hoping to get more flavor for God of High School as it progresses.

Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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