Thanks for the Love – 10,000 Views and Counting

Thank you everyone for the love and support! Without you this blog wouldn’t be possible!

It’s been a journey, and I wanted to express my gratitude for the success to those who have read. It’s important to celebrate success and it’s also important to thank those who have made it possible. To those who have followed, thank you! To those who have read, thank you! Without you I would have stopped blogging.

When I first started blogging I wasn’t sure what would happen. I didn’t really know how to use WordPress. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about sharing my ideas and thoughts with the internet. For  me it started as an experiment. I wanted to prove to myself that I could stick to something and make it work. If it didn’t end up working out, I had other things that I wanted to work on. I have a habit of trying new things, or at least attempting them, and seeing if they add value to my personal life and personal growth. The last thing I want to be is stagnant. So I started blogging a year and a half ago.

At first I was getting no attention and no views, as it should be. What business did I have in blogging when I first started? I still enjoyed writing for the sake of writing itself really. And I was having fun learning about the tools in WordPress, even though at first I was very frustrated. I still am frustrated at times with WordPress. I am confident I am still under-utilizing it. But I am not sprinting to learn everything at once. For me the joy was always in the writing, and not in learning the finer details of web builder. I wanted at the very least to get my thoughts out there. I wanted to talk to more people about one of my favorite hobbies. I wanted to  learn more about how others thought about the same thing I was viewing. If anything I love reading an opposite or opposing thought to my own. I guess you could say I am a junky for perspective. I love learning from my peers just as much as I love learning for myself.

So for me there was never a clearly defined goal of hitting a certain amount of views, or getting a certain amount of followers. Of course had people not read my blog, I might have just become a lurker on WordPress. Lurking is already a bad habit of mine on all social media to begin with.

As time went on I was surprised to start getting views and attention from other bloggers. I was happy because of that, it felt like my efforts weren’t going to complete waste. Other bloggers shouted out my works for which I was grateful for. I was confused at first that others would share my work, thinking to myself that I am pretty much a nobody on this site. I was also happy that others liked what they had read. Without that love and support I am sure that I would have eventually shelved the blog with my other million things that I have started and shelved.

So once again thank you for everyone for making this possible. Thank you for making blogging a happy experience for me.

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