Tower of God – It’s a Great Idea to Walk Away from the Tower

Given the brutality of the tests and the mortality rate, walking away is a great idea.


I liked the idea of someone walking away from the Tower. Realizing that the tower was a horrible place and deciding to move on with your life is a courageous decision. It’s difficult to not get swept along with the current. The entire system of the tower is pushing you to climb as high as you can go. If you reach the top then you can have a wish come true. What is the cost of your wish? What will you lose along the way to get there? Is climbing the tower really worth the risk of your life?

For one at least the answer was no. Of course you could say well she had no chance to climb the tower so she is just running away. For those without special abilities or determination to climb, you might as well leave. I can agree with that logic to a certain extent. On the surface it does seem like running.

Shibisu notices the run away, and confronts her before leaving. Their conversation is fairly telling of her reason for leaving. She would like to find meaning in her own life and appreciate the life she has been given instead of throwing it away for someone else’s game. Some people aren’t born to win and that is ok. It’s ok to have a normal life that you find meaning to yourself. In fact that might be the best way to live it, not letting others define or confine your thoughts and emotions.

I admired the decision to leave that puts value on life and the choice to not waste it meaninglessly. Granted the decision is far less entertaining than following the rest of our cast up the tower. Walking away means that your life becomes ordinary and that it won’t generate the kind of attention that the Tower does. Those still climbing the tower have something worth chasing, or something that is more important to them than death. The struggle to climb is real, and chances you make it to the top are slim. Intent matters when climbing the tower. But there is also intent in deciding to leave the tower as well.

The intent to walk away from the Tower and to live a different life is an admirable decision. As long as you can walk away without regrets from the Tower, you can live a different life than the one forced on you.

Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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