Tower of God – Endorsi’s Idea on How to Climb

Endorsi tells Bam the only way to climb the Tower is to be willing to do anything.


Endorsi is right from a certain perspective. This tower is not your friend and neither is anyone in it. It will kill and consume you when given the chance. This place isn’t for everyone, and most who climb the tower do so on the corpses of others. The only way to get to the top is to be willing to force favorable circumstances, an example of which Endorsi batters the other fishermen so they can’t pass the test, knowing that only 4 get to pass. If she takes out her competition she ensures her own survival and her climb. Endorsi is willing to do anything to climb the Tower.

Endorsi tricks and betrays her teammates to ensure victory. She is right to assert that people you are just thrown in with aren’t your teammates. Team comes from trust and knowing that others will do their jobs when necessary. The B team is the worst kind of team imaginable, with people betraying each other when given the first opportunity. Yet B team is the team that claims victory, with help from A team’s Khun willing to throw the match for Bam. The only people who matter on the team are the ones with the power to do something. Bam and Endorsi use their power to defeat the ranker and take his badge, an incredible feat for those climbing the tower.

Endorsi’s ideas do come at odds with Bam, who asserts that he won’t trick or betray anyone to climb the tower.

Why do Endorsi’s ideas and Bam’s ideas differ? It could be the naivety of Bam, who seems clueless about the tower and the fact that Bam won’t betray anyone because Rachel told him not to. Bam won’t hurt a teammate to get ahead of the game or the curve. He is unwilling and unable to do so. It’s a refreshing thought in a Tower that breeds contempt and death. It’s only natural to lose sight and hope. The willingness to kill is survival. Kill or be killed. Chasing your dream comes at the cost of another’s dream.

Bam rejects the notion of having to be underhanded and traitorous to win. He rejects Endorsi’s ideas outright, finding the courage to stand alone if needed. Certainly you could attribute Bam’s attitude to his overwhelming power that he possesses. Maybe he doesn’t need to do any of that to climb. I would be disinclined to believe that Bam has this philosophy based on the idea that he is a power house, he doesn’t have mastery of his power that earns him the title of monster. Are Bam’s ideas only Rachel’s ideas? I am unsure, but Bam has a good personality and is uniquely different from the others who climb. The others that don’t think twice to betray or murder one another.

Is Endorsi wrong? In some regards, yes. Is Bam naive? In some regards yes. Two fundamentally different ideas clash as both Bam and Endorsi climb the tower.


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