Tower of God Episode 3 – Khun’s Invisible Wounds

Tower of God continues to impress, we have excellent characters.


I wasn’t expecting Tower of God to start revealing the background of characters we just met. Normally I would have expected some more plot development and getting further along with the story before revealing character backgrounds. The tower is going to be less merciful than I would have been, which has led to interesting development early on in the story. My level of engagement is starting to reach a peak, where I am beginning to feel more connected to the story.

The events surrounding the trials have so far been brutal. First there was the culling event, where only 200 could pass the initial test out of a group of 400. Then there was the separating again when the participants were asked to cross an energy barrier to get to the next stage. The test in Episode 3 was a simple time test. Of course for the participants it’s more than a simple test when death seems to be on the line should you fail this test.

Waiting for the next test Khun and Bam are approached by a stranger who seeks to give advice to their group. Bam is eager and willing to accept the advice, whereas Khun immediately suspects possible ill-will from the stranger. The stranger who knows Khun or at least his story says that Khun’s inability to trust others will come back to bite him. He also adds insult to injury when he adds that perhaps Khun’s inability to trust others comes from his past experiences in which case it can’t really be helped. This triggers a violent reaction from Khun who pins the stranger and threatens to stab him with his dagger.

After cooling his head Khun releases the stranger from a death grip. They head to the next test leaving the stranger and other participants behind. The tip, which seems to be confirmed data even from Khun’s observation suggests they have less than 5 minutes to figure out this challenge. This is cruel because the test is supposed to be 9 minutes timed instead of 5 minutes.

Entering the test room the group is told that they have 9 minutes to open the correct door to the next stage. The group complains and asks for more hints as to what the correct door is but the tester tells them they already have all the clues they need. Rak and Bam begin a comedic charade as Khun searches his mind for the right answer. Khun however is unable to make any decisive decision, and while thinking continues to relive traumatic experiences in his mind. He has been clearly scarred by a betrayal we know very little about. There are lots of hints about Khun’s past dropped, but time cruely passes on with no obvious solution for the test in front of them.

Eventually Rak opens a door, without consulting his team. That door allows them to pass the test. Khun reacts angrily as he asks why Rak opened the door. Rak says instinct. For Khun this seems like a dumb answer. The tester says after they pass that this test was about decisiveness, something Khun clearly lacks at the moment. This test was amazing because it exposed character flaws for Khun and character strengths for Rak. The best part is it only took a moment to establish both flaws and strengths. We are going to get more than just the Bam show, we are going to have a colorful universe with many amazing characters. Bravo Tower of God! I am looking forward to more.


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