First Impressions: Tower of God

I am two episodes in and remain cautiously optimistic this could be great.


I have been reading reviews from fellow bloggers, anitwitter, and have taken the time to watch the first two episodes of Tower of God. I am part of the curious crowd on this one. I sometimes worry that when something is popular it is overhyped. I hate the disappointment of a series that was supposed to be great but turned out to be underwhelming to the hype it has generated. I am giving this series a chance and so far it has my interest. I am not fully sold that it is great just yet but I see that it has potential to be everything that it’s supposed to be. I see the potential that this could be deserving of the hype it has generated.

So far the second episode has reminded me of HunterxHunter. The process of eliminating how many can climb the tower, reminded me of the first phase of the hunter license exam. The idea of proving worthiness is always an interesting one. Even the barrier put up by the Ranker reminded me of Hisoka’s wall he put up to protect Gon and Killua.

Crow noticed that Tower of God had similarities to other anime. You can read more about his thoughts

I liked Crow’s observation that it reminded him of the Seraph of the End artstyle, and that even the sword Black March also was similar to Yuuichiro’s blade Ashuramaru. Both blades have an animate side and a personality living within them.

So far my impression has been fairly favorable towards the show itself. I also like the mystery of the protagonist Bam we are watching. Characters with mysterious pasts can be some of the best characters when written properly. I hope that he continues to develop and grow.

There is also a great supporting cast of characters that already is surrounding Bam. Rachel, Khun, the princess, Rak, and Headon all push Bam along on his journey. I am convinced that each has their own story to tell alongside Bam’s story. How the cast will develop alongside Bam is also a mystery I can’t wait to unravel.

I am still cautiously optimistic that this can be a great anime. I am not currently convinced that it is yet, but the anime has time to prove itself. If it continues to impress me than I am confident I will write more regarding it in the future.

Current impression: Tentatively Great.

Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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  1. Thanks for the link!

    “Characters with mysterious pasts can be some of the best characters when written properly.”

    I hope the series builds on the foundation they laid, especially in the second episode. So far, I’m really hopeful! It’s a strong start.

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