Re:Zero – Director’s Cut: Is Emilia the Jealous Witch?

Is Emilia the Jealous Witch? Or is she the victim of prejudice?


Emilia has a resemblance to the Jealous Witch, who is a known quantity of evil in the kingdom of Lugunica. The Jealous Witch, also known by the name Satella, has been the arch enemy of the kingdom since its foundation and she can’t be killed. It is a stressful situation for the kingdom because at any time she could come back and destroy their kingdom. The protector of the kingdom is the dragon, but with the royal family dead who originally signed the contract with the dragon its uncertain if the dragon will continue to protect the kingdom. In reality there isn’t enough information to be completely certain of anything regarding Emilia.

(I have written an update to my conjecture that Emilia is Satella here, the update to that conjecture includes my viewing up to episode 35. The information contained here is pre-season 2 conjecture.)

To begin with when Emilia first introduces herself to Subaru, she calls herself Satella. Given the history of the kingdom it really isn’t a joke or anything that should be said by way of introduction, especially because Emilia strongly resembles the description of Satella. Of course she was testing Subaru, who claimed to know nothing of the kingdom of Lugunica. When he doesn’t so much as react with anything but confusion, Emilia lowers her guard around Subaru allowing him to accompany her throughout the day.

The situation around Subaru being brought to a new world is also problematic, because he is brought by a mysterious power (the Jealous Witches power) to this new world. It is also how Subaru gets his ability “Return by Death” which allows him to retain memories of events and go back in time when he dies. How did Subaru come into contact with Emilia at a time when the death of the royal family possibly nulls a contract with a dragon protector? With Emilia’s strong resemblance to the Jealous Witch it is still a complete unknown if she could be Satella or not.

Of course there is the moment when Subaru calls out the name Satella to Emilia in the market, after he dies and returns by his ability. She is angry with Subaru at being called that name, and she reacts as though she was called the worst thing possible. Her offense to the statement causes confusion as Subaru had no reason to believe that her name wasn’t Satella. In reality it is a very distasteful name to call someone who is a half-elf who looks like the description of Satella. But if you were the witch Satella running around as someone calling themselves Emilia, of course you would react as though you were offended to keep your cover.

Part of the problem I have with Emilia is that fact that she was willing to brazenly lie about herself and her identity, even calling herself by the name of the Jealous Witch. What reason would Emilia have to mention the name in the first place? If she wanted to probe Subaru about his claims of being from a kingdom of the far east, there certainly would have been other and perhaps better ways to test him. Emilia is distrustful of Subaru, and given the circumstances I would be as well. Emilia does have reasons to be dishonest as a candidate in the royal election. She has reasons to know why a stranger shows up in her life saying he needs to help her suddenly. What she is looking for is information. It’s the same reason why she saved him in the alley. Emilia wants to know more.

There are unanswered questions about Emilia. Most likely she could be the victim of prejudice that discriminates against half breeds, especially half-breeds who match the description of the Jealous Witch. But given the nature of the series and its deceptions so far, I can’t completely rule out the possibility that there is a small chance that Emilia could in reality be Satella. And of course I could be completely wrong in my suspicions that Emilia could in fact be Satella.

Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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  1. I’ve wondered that too. It’s handy to have someone show up and be so devoted to her, especially if she is the one that brought him here. The first season really didn’t delve too deeply into that and I’m hoping we’ll get some answers in season 2.

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    1. I am pretty excited for another season. I want more answers in the second season. There are other things that are really tiny give aways but if I were to write down everything I think might have been a tip in favor of the theory my article would have quickly become the conspiracy with all the red lines on the wall meme

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