Dr. Stone -Villain Tsukasa Shishio

Dr. Stone is a strange anime. Its hard to really categorize it under traditional categories. While it is apocalyptic, all humanity is wiped out, we have a mystery surrounding the stone world. Such as how could people who have been turned to stone be able to survive and revive thousands of years later? How did  the stone world begin? I don’t mind the premise even if I feel like it is goofy and strange. What does bother me more than the mystery of the stone world is the villain, Tsukasa Shishio. Senku brings him back to life in a desperate need to survive. And for all the thanks and praises Tsukasa initially gives Senku, Tsukasa ends up attempting to murder Senku. How did we get to that point? Who is Tsukasa Shishio? How did Tsukasa end up becoming villainous?

After being encased as stone for the last thousands of years Tsukasa is brought back to life by Senku’s hard work and miracle fluid that can bring people back from stone. Senku explains the situation to Tsukasa that Senku and Taiju are surrounded by lions. Tsukasa not only reads the situation he manages to kill a lion with his bare fists. As a viewer I was relieved that Senku and Taiju managed to survive the lions. What both Senku and Taiju failed to realize is that dealing with the lions might have been better than awaking the nightmare of Tsukasa.

Senku has his concerns about Tsukasa from the very moment he is brought back from stone, which end up being very founded concerns. Tsukasa is an unknown, besides  that we know he is the strongest from his school before the stone world. Having the power to kill a lion with his bare fists makes him the most over powered being known in this world. At first Tsukasa sings the praises of Senku and the miracle fluid that bring him back to life. In exchange for his initial gratitude Tsukasa goes hunting and brings back food for both Senku and Taiju. But as time wears on Tsukasa starts having his own thoughts about what the stone world should and could be.

Senku explains how the stone world works to Tsukasa and that those who are stone are actually able to be revived. Tsukasa of course would understand that because he was brought back from stone himself. Despite that Tsukasa decides to take the stone world into his own hands and begin to exercise judgement over life and death. Tsukasa kills a stone person out of his disgust for the old world he came from. Tsukasa exclaims that killing the stone person was justified because he was a terrible person. In Tsukasa’s mind and in his philosophy the old world and all adults in it must be purged. The world must begin anew as its youth and only its youth can survive and reclaim this stone world. But there is a catch, you can’t do science.

As the most powerful being in the known world Tsukasa can’t be opposed by normal means, even Senku’s crossbow isn’t powerful enough. Tsukasa fears Senku’s ability to recreate science for fear that Senku will return the world to its old corruptions before the stone world. Rather than allow the world to return to its old self, Senku did exclaim he would save everyone, Tsukasa takes the future of humanity into his own hands. He alone should decide who is saved and how far they should be allowed to progress.

While Tsukasa can dream of a world without corruption of the old ways and call it an ideal world his own world view is self serving. Tsukasa is merely playing the ideologue while his only intention is to consolidate power into his own hands in the stone world. While Tsukasa preaches the purity of the youth he on the other hand is just as corrupted by the old world as any of the adults in the old world before him. He is only concerned with his own self interest and the chance to be the savior of the few he elects to be a part of his stone world.

Tsukasa’s stone world is one of his own creation, one of violence and his own authority beholden to none. He is a delusional character believing he is making the world right, denying others the chance to live because they don’t fit his own ideology. He is a conceited individual only concerned with himself. Worst of all he is a hypocrite. Preaching how bad the world was before the stone world, and then going out of his way to kill those who oppose him or could oppose him all in order to control the stone world. Tsukasa is a villain.