Wake Up – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer gets my full recommendations. I was hesitant at first to get caught up in the hype. A lot of shows get hype but it doesn’t always make them good. I call it flavor of the month, also known as what is popular today. I had seen posts about this show and I read tweets, nothing really that caught my interest initially. I’ll admit it took someone forcing me to sit down and watch it, because with only one TV you have to share sometimes. I can without hesitation recommend this show as a watch.

If I had to compare it to shows of recent memory I would put it on the same level as My Hero Academia. Yes it is that good. It’s not often you get an anime that is universally appealing and also very well told. It has high engagement value keeping you gripping your seat for more. Sure it isn’t perfect, and yes this is a hype piece so take it with a grain of salt.

What I like about the show is its sense of direction and engagement you get with the main character. Of course the protagonist has to hit all of the flags at the very beginning of the first episode. Watching it you say to yourself please don’t say these things, it will only make things harder for you later on. But yea happy memories are fleeting as the world gets turned upside down for both the protagonist and the audience. Whatever happy moments we had are now gone.

The struggle is real as we watch the reality and fabric of the show unfold. Demons are a reality and they are not just superstition. There are people out there who actively have to fight demons. Demons get all the perks of being inhuman with lightning fast regeneration and unmatched physical strength. There are only minimal ways to actually destroy them.

Becoming a demon slayer is also an equally impossible task. The training regimen is insane where you can actually be set up to fail. However with the proper motivations and right amount of talent and ability you can succeed, but the chances are low that you actually make it far at all. There is good reason for you to fail out of training in becoming a demon slayer. Their opponents are terrifying and deadly, a single mistake means your death.

So far it has been a winning recipe of high character engagement, dangerous foes, and impossible odds. I am looking forward to what the show will continue to show. I have hesitations about the pacing, but it makes me curious if the pacing will work to the shows benefit or ultimately end up ruining the initial hype I am having. Either way I am still rooting for humanity over demons, but hey that could change based on how the story progresses. If the show gets really bad maybe I’ll root for the demons instead.