Fairy Tail Episode 299 – Natsu Revived: Tell us how you Feel Jacob

Wendy goes Super Saiyan. Natsu recovers from cancer. And Lucy gets naked twice.

Its time to get pumped fairy tail fan boys and girls. We get an action packed episode of a double Spriggan 12 fight special. And its not all just hype we actually get some good moments in the episodes that get a bit glossed over.

Ultear has to choose between giving her third origin, reminder it will leave the user devoid of the ability to use magic for the rest of their lives, to Wendy or Shelia. Both lack the power to actually fight Dimaria who has awakened her god soul magic. For those of you who might be wondering yes that is bad. Ultear has a part to play yet again in the Fairy Tail story. After completing her redemption Ultear now exists as a special being trapped in a time rift. And she has to judge who will get third origin. Choosing Shelia was the best option, give third origin to the girl with god slaying powers to slay a god.

After both Wendy and Shelia grandstand on who will get to use third origin Wendy activates her super saiyan state to fight Dimaria on her own. Of course it is a quick battle but Wendy held out just long enough for Shelia to gain third origin, all the powers she could have ever had for her entire life. And with god slaying powers going full blast against a god, Dimaria quickly falls to the onslaught. She is unable to retain her godhood even in her own world.

We do get some special nods to other stuff that has been written before. Shelia trades her magic for friendship and love. It gave me full metal alchemist mixed with magical girl vibes. Its a beautiful send off as Shelia suffers a cruel fate. It shows us that even if we have power there are things that are more important than all the power in the world. Shelia was able to perceive the world around her and accurately judge what was most important. In the case of fairy tail, its always friendship and love.

Fighto! Round 2! Jacob Lessio vs. Fairy Tail! Natsu recovers from Cancer!

Second half of the episode we get the slap stick comedy that we love from Fairy Tail. Jason Statham enters the guild hall, excuse me I meant Jacob Lessio who for some reason always reminds me of Jason Statham. He traps the guild in his void of death spell. He is real trouble taking down everyone inside the guild hall, except Natsu, Lucy and Happy.

Both Natsu are saved by our buddy and pal Horologium, who is apparently back after a who knows how long absence in the show. I would guess like 200 episodes? And his defensive magic requires Natsu and Lucy to be naked inside him together. Fan service or defensive spell? The jury is still out on this one.

We love the slap stick humor as Natsu and Lucy fight Jacob Lessio, who is otherwise a true menace and enemy to Fairy Tail. After showing us some submission techniques Jacob Lessio turns himself invisible and Lucy clothes two. Two as in two times that Lucy has been naked in the episode.  All we learn is that this assassin has weak points when it comes to decency for women. At the very least we can say he is a gentleman and at most that he is definitely insecure. Jacob didn’t strike me as a man who had much love and affection in his life.

Either way we get Mavis telling us at the end she has found a way to beat Zeref. Too bad you will have to wait for next week.

Extra credit is available to those who read the manga.