Fairy Tail: Episode 296 – What I Want to Do

This is it. I am in it to win it, and so is the rest of the Fairy Tail.

Watching this episode reminded me of the good moments that Fairy Tail has to offer. Sure I am more of a blood and gore anime viewer, but there is a lot to be said about the heartfelt efforts of every one in the Fairy Tail guild fighting to survive. Hiro Mashima always able to get me invested even if the happy go lucky squad isn’t in trouble. And oh boy are they in trouble now.

With the Alvarez Empire knocking on the doors of Magnolia Fairy Tail is putting up as much of a fight as it can. There is virtually no where for them to run and they are fighting to stop Zeref from taking what he wants, the fairy heart.

Brandish, the captured prisoner, harbors an animosity for Lucy and all we know until this episode it has something to do with Lucy’s mother Layla. As the story unfolds Brandish manipulates the Fairy Tale crew into undoing her chains and promising to tell Lucy more one on one. Naively, they allow it. The moment Brandish and Lucy are alone, Brandish takes advantage of the situation to put Lucy into a choke hold. Who knew Brandish could wrestle?

Its a dire moment that requires intervention from the other members of the guild, but Brandish has her hand firmly over Lucy’s mouth to suppress any screams. However Aquarius shows up and saves Lucy from Brandish’s murderous intents. Apparently Lucy can thank her lucky stars that someone is watching over her. With the crisis of death averted Aquarius lays down the truth and clears up misunderstandings between Lucy and Brandish, mostly from Brandish who claimed that Lucy’s mother murdered Brandish’s mother for the Aquarius key. How Brandish came to that conclusion we do not know, possibly Alvarez influence?

I was impressed that Brandish was able to see truth and forgive a life long grudge after seeing the truth. It’s not an easy task that was asked of her, but with a little help from Aquarius it seems that peace is at least possible between Lucy and Brandish.

And just in time because apparently not only is Natsu dead but he also has cancer? Happy drags Natsu back to the medical room of the guild and begs for help in healing Natsu. Brandish as a token of good will is able to shrink the size of the cancer to nothing and asks to be put back in her cell. Brandish is told by Lucy she doesn’t need to return to her cell, but Brandish again tells Lucy she is being naive and they are at war. Lucy wants dearly to have Brandish as a friend like their mothers were and asks if they can be friends. Brandish perhaps a little numb from learning the truth is unable to accept Lucy’s request at this time.

Still more to come? Lucy needs to find Aquarius’s key, because this intervention was only a one time deal, giving Lucy yet another reason to survive this war.