To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts – What am I watching? It’s totally worth.

I am a little behind on viewing this season, and rarely will watch something past a certain point in the season. I know my tastes well enough to find where I will fall in terms of show likes and dislikes. There are plenty of things I will start and put down rather quickly, unless convinced to revisit them otherwise. So what was I doing starting a new anime this late into the season? Its not like me. Forgive me fans of Fire Force and Fruits Basket, I am sure I would love both of these if I started. Maybe I have an aversion to any anime starting with an F? Says a low key Fairy Tail fanboy, don’t judge me. Ok you can judge me a little bit. I can blame Crunchyroll for the suggestion I suppose. I figure I must have just seen the title and wondered what it was about, it had a man in a uniform and as a former soldier I can say I guess I was a little intrigued.

So I can’t give you a definitive answer to as why I started watching it, and I guess that doesn’t matter at this point. I have been drawn in.

So my first thoughts were a bit of surprise. I wasn’t anticipating seeing an alternative version of the U.S. Civil War as a prelude to the story. And I was like well I was a fairly large Civil War buff in school having done a fair amount of study of both sides of the war. Growing up in the western half of the United States its easier to see it from an outsiders lens as the Western States were not as intimately involved as the East Coast. I could probably go on with hours of personal history of studying and the intimacies of the war but I decline to bore you further. Maybe you can ask me about it? Though there may not be many takers in the AniBlogger community. So I guess I can say my interest was piqued from the beginning. Civil War Japanified, Check.

I guess the other thing that really drew me in was the dark fantasy aspect, I love dark fantasy. Dark Fantasy fan-boys and fan-girls beat raise your fists. I guess I had been craving a new dark fantasy anime and hadn’t realized it. Dark Fantasy, Check.

So what am I watching? At first I thought I was going to be watching the Civil War but with beasts. But then after the first episode the war ends and then I thought I was going to be watching a story of vengeance with Hank leading the way. But that isn’t quite it either. Meeting Schaal I thought maybe I was going to get a quasi Stockholm syndrome trope. But I was definitely wrong about that. So I am still not sure what I am watching beyond a dark fantasy.

I can say despite the imperfections of the anime I can say I am drawn in by the story telling. So far it has managed to change characters and perspectives without losing me as a viewer. Where we leave off with one character we just pick up with another character. So at this point I am thinking that Schaal has now become our heroine?  Early on I could have sworn this was going to be Hank’s story. I am hoping that it doesn’t become an endless series of character switch up and swap outs but I am pretty open minded when it comes to storytelling and storytellers. I prefer to be deceived and then sort out the pieces rather than be told exactly how it is. There are strengths to each style, and one is not worse than the other. As long as the storyteller uses his tools right I don’t mind at all. I wish the show the best as it progresses because I am already strapped into this roller coaster of beast hunting.



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