How Strong is the LCS compared to the LEC?

Spring split of the 2019 season has already ended for Europe, and the LCS has one more weekend to go. With the playoff picture almost in clear view we are beginning to see how the teams on both sides of the pond are doing.

Looking at the most dominant line ups in G2 and Team Liquid we see major differences in the regions. G2 is a star studded roster with loaded talent. Perkz could be a hidden liability for the G2 lineup, as revealed by their losses this weekend. It’s terrifying to think that G2 may have just coasted their way into first as other teams figured out how to find themselves as a team. In addition although they may have dominated their regions how will they fare going into playoffs? Will they be truly competitive in a best of 5 able to out strategize and outwit their opponents? They will rely on their raw talent to beat teams into submission. G2 has very obvious flaws of Perkz not being a true ADC that is carrying the mantle of a heavy role going into the playoffs on a downturn for the team. They are also Caps reliant. If Caps is unable to deliver the team will be in trouble. Fortunately for them Caps is also a god of league at the moment.

Team Liquid on the other have also been very dominant all split long this season. With their only two losses being to TSM and Flyquest, bravo to these teams, they have looked very solid. But the LCS has the losing track record really when it comes to international performances. I have confidence that Liquid has the talent and ability to win convincingly but how will they fair against the LEC squads? My guess is they should be able to do very well and even beat the European line ups going into MSI. Team Liquid looks strong as a whole and has both a strong mid laner and the best bottom laner in the LCS. In addition the Team Liquid support and jungler are strong as well. Top lane could be a liability depending on what is being played top. And a team that has shown it can perform and play as a team is more convincing on paper to win in MSI. Team Liquid should be able to beat G2 if they go internationally.

But we don’t yet know who will be representing each region in MSI. There are other teams that look good in both regions that could pull off upsets. In the LEC Fnatic and Origen are the best squads going into playoffs. Both have been on the upswing in the second half of the split and have shown by far the most improvement. LCS has a second very dominant team in Cloud 9, a team that has proven versatile and is known for swapping jungles mid series. Overall while the LEC may be the stronger region Team Liquid may very well be the strongest team between both regions.

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