Spring Split 2019 LCS Week 5 Day 1: TSM vs CLG

TSM steamrolls CLG.

It was an impressive game from TSM, a team that has struggled in the first half of the spring split. CLG that has had it struggles seemed completely powerless. Things started going wrong for CLG early and they ended up getting shutdown.

TSM was off to the races early with a kill for Zven, who took down Stixxay for first blood. That was only the beginning of the end for Stixxay. Even Bjergsen tried to roam and help his bottom lane take a kill at the 5 minute mark but Zven and Smoothie didn’t need the help. TSM was now ahead 2-0 in the game.

With the bottom lane being pushed up TSM also took an early ocean drake at 6 minutes and 15 seconds. This gave them an early laning advantage that would set up TSM for a dominating performance.

7:14 into the game Stixxay is killed again and seconds later Bjergsen dived behind turret to kill Biofrost behind tower. CLG’s bottom lane was in shambles. TSM took a 2.5k gold lead at the 8 minute mark with most of the gold on Zven.

On an important side note we also learned this game that Captain Flowers is top tier memer, and Phreak is a man of the past.

Smoothie started roaming 10 minutes into the game, reminder CLG bottom lane had been dismantled, and took a kill mid lane after Bjergsen had taken Power of Evil to less than 100 health. The timing on the roam could not have been more perfect. It’s almost as if TSM was coordinated.

After jungle had taken the rift herald they immediately used it to take down mid turret 12 minutes in the game. One the top side of the map Zven solo killed Stixxay again after diving turret.

TSM had taken complete control of the game and CLG had no way out. TSM had taken all the turret plating and was 7k gold ahead at the 13 minute mark. Using their overwhelming advantage TSM continued to pummel CLG. TSM was also ahead on drakes, having 2 ocean drakes. This made them able to trade without fear of being punished. With extra regen TSM was set to continue their advance.

CLG did punish Broken Blade at 16:50 after he extended without vision, but the punishment wasn’t enough to change the game. Zven got collapsed on 19:41 by four members of CLG and although he died, he took Power of Evil with him. TSM responded by  taking mid turret at tier 2. There was no way that CLG could make any plays without being punished.

TSM continued to push their advantage and were 10k gold ahead at 21 minutes. When they secured the Baron the game was all but over. CLG desperately put up a fight at their base but with the advantage TSM had built there was no way they could hold against the baron empowered minions. TSM wins the game at 25 minutes.

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