G2 vs. Misfits: Mediocre Battles of the LEC

G2 wins another game.

Misfits couldn’t win, no matter how hard they tried. Misfits were on the decline and failed against the super team of Europe. The game really didn’t live up to the hype, although I did love the mediocre rap battle. It was so one-sided for G2 that you might feel bad for Misfits by the end of the game.

Let’s start with the draft phase. Misfits picked up the Karthus and I was wondering if they were hoping to BM G2. G2 had played Karthus the first week of LEC and I was wondering if Misfits had picked  him as either a part of their strategy or just showing G2 they could win with Karthus. Picking the Karthus would have been great if Misfits could have held their own in laning phase (spoiler they didn’t) or if Misfits could have dragged the game out long enough to bounce back (it’s already been spoiled they didn’t).

G2 picked up very aggressive picked in the Jarvan and Elise, that’s not mentioning that Perkz somehow ended up with Yasuo (which Riot made a figure of him for Worlds 2018). The draft phase was definitely in the favor of G2.

And as expected G2 proceeded to crush Misfits. Jankos on the Elise was able to do lots of work. He ganked every single lane successfully, netting kills for every single lane. In the first 10 minutes of the game G2 was 3k gold ahead. That wasn’t the end of the bad news for the Misfits.

G2 extended their lead as the game continued, taking turret plates and earning themselves gold along the way. There was a small over commit from G2 for turret that got Caps and Mikyx killed. But that was the only error G2 obviously made in the context of the game.

Perkz was able to get far ahead on his Yasuo. At one point he melted Maxlore, who had picked up the Karthus for Misfits, and it was pretty clear that Misfits had no real options to deal with G2. It was only a matter of time before the crushing weight of G2 destroyed Misfits who couldn’t deal with what had been thrown at them.

If the gold graph told the game, G2 had a gold lead of 3k at 10 minutes. At 15 minutes G2 had a 6k gold advantage, at 26 minutes G2 had a 12k gold advantage and had 17k more gold than Misfits at the end of the game. The scales were heavily tipped in G2’s favor.

G2 is the undisputed super team of Europe. The real question is how will they perform internationally? Time will tell as they go to MSI and Worlds. Fans will be looking forward to great things from this team that might be the strongest team Europe has ever seen.

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