Masterminds Win Again! Week 4 Day 1 LEC

The villains of Europe win again.

There was plenty of hype in the Vitality and G2 match up. Vitality had a chance to take down G2 but fell short of the occasion. Understandably so, G2 has looked and felt unstoppable. Vitality had a battle plan, attack Perkz and the bottom lane. That didn’t pan out as expected. Even with some of the shutdown on Perkz it wasn’t enough to stop the rest of G2 to get so far ahead that winning the game became impossible for Vitality.

It was questionable of Vitality to leave Akali on the table for Caps. His individual performance on the champ is so strong he can pull his teams out of the jaws of defeat. No matter what has been thrown at G2 they have found a way to win every game this spring split. What will it take to bring down G2?

Schalke 04 was able to win fairly easily against Misfits. Then again Misfits is a team that if they can’t win the early game, they can’t win at all. Schalke 04 is now in sole possession of 2nd place. It is a well deserved placement for them. They have looked strong over the past few weeks and look very strong as a team. They are set to clash with G2 next week. Will they have a chance against G2? Possibly, a strong team might be able to overcome the individual performances of G2.

Origen was able to beat Rogue. It wasn’t masterful, but it was a win that Origen definitely needed if they want any chance of making playoffs. Is Origen going to be able to make the playoffs? At this point its really a coin toss. Rogue hasn’t put up much of a fight for any of the teams in Europe, they currently find themselves without a win four weeks into the split. Chances are they won’t win today either.

Fnatic was able to get their second win this split against Excel, where they controlled the game from start to finish. This is the Fnatic we know. They have had a disappointing start to the spring split. As world finalists last year, they have fallen short of the expectations placed on them. Spring split is already done for them. Chances of them making playoffs are slim to none. Should they be able to find their rhythm this split they should be able to become dominant again in the summer split.

Splyce was able to win against SK. It was the longest game of the split so far. It was a messy back and forth game. It was tragic that SK couldn’t find a win, even with Splyce gifting them their top laner in the baron pit at one point. Splyce was able to find the win eventually but the game could have been much cleaner.

Today will bring more exciting games from the LEC as the teams compete for a chance to make playoffs in the upcoming weeks.


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