Apex Legends: The Latest Battle Royale Sensation

Rating 9 out of 10

I opened Twitter, like I do every morning, and saw that a new game had taken the world by storm. It happens every so often, some new game comes out that everyone talks about and people are boarding the hype train. As a rule I avoid hype, but considering I found myself between jobs and in the mood for something new I decided to give it a shot.

I didn’t know anything about the game. At first I had to reactivate my Origin account (I haven’t been on Origin since Mass Effect 3) and I downloaded the game. I hadn’t done any further research as I like to test things first hand and leave them unspoiled. Downloading the game between episodes of Game of Thrones took a while and I didn’t even play it the day it came out.

When I opened the game I decided to do the brief training mission. It didn’t explain much about the game, but it did let me try out some weapons and abilities for the medic class. I thought this could be a squad game, and it looked like it could be fun. Little did I know I would be in for a shock.

After loading into the initial game and choosing a class I found myself hurtling down from the sky. I instantly realized that I knew literally nothing about the game, the fact that I didn’t know I would be in a Battle Royale shocked me (thanks tutorial). In short order I landed, briefly conversing with teammates we decided on a plan of action. It quickly became chaos and as a new player who hadn’t done either research or watched a Twitch stream I quickly died. Looking back it was my own fault, I should have known what I was getting into.

I continued to play the game and round after round I slightly improved, though I am still terrified to be the jump leader. One game I was even carried to victory, it made me feel like some kind of hotshot. I even got my first kill after the 3rd game of playing.

Everything considered, after a brief evaluation of the game I give it a 9 out of 10 rating. I enjoyed the game play, even though I was terrible at the fighting aspect of the game. It really takes the Battle Royale genre to the next level. Its brilliant because it let’s players choose a class with abilities. Having abilities is a game changer in a world where sometimes you alone must fight for survival. Overall I very much like what has been done with the game and the genre of Battle Royale itself. What it lacks is a bit of polish, the game lobby needs work but is effective for the game needs itself.

I look forward to what the developers will bring to the table in the coming weeks and months.

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